Mini Course: Explore the miraculous

benefits of flotation therapy

(PDF and audio file formats)

This mini-course is for anyone who would like to learn more about Floating Therapy in a structured way.

Bonus for the first 30 people from Pittsburgh

(Why here, we'll reveal soon)

Floating Therapy could be for you if:

1. You are experiencing signs of burnout


Chronic fatigue

Sleep disorders

Emotional fatigue

Elevated blood pressure

2. You are an athlete seeking improved performance

Improved recovery

Improved performance

Better sleep

Reduced muscle soreness

Increased flexibility

3. You want to maximize the effectiveness of your rest

Deep relaxation

Reduced stress

Better quality sleep

Accelerated healing

4. Want to enter a theta brainwave state

Perfect meditation environment

Best conditions for visualization techniques

Environment where we are more susceptible to autosuggestion and reprogramming of our patterns

In the guide we explore

What flotation therapy is and how it has evolved over the years to the present day.

We will look at the wide range of benefits it brings, from improving sleep quality to reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Practical techniques for flotation therapy: We will teach you how to enhance your experience of flotation therapy through breathing exercises and visualization.

Finally, we will summarize the key points and equip you with the knowledge to make the most of your first or next Flotation Therapy session.

Why this mini-course?

In today's fast paced and stressful world, we are looking for ways to relax and find inner peace. Flotation Therapy offers a unique path to serenity that you may not have tried before.

This course is designed to give you a basic and structured understanding of Flotation Therapy, with practical tips you can use immediately.

Access your guide and learn the basics the benefits of flotation therapy and get some practical tips

Bonus for the first 30 people from Pittsburgh

(Why here, we'll reveal soon)

Additionally, the first 30 people from Pittsburgh to purchase the Mini Course will receive an 8️⃣0️⃣ % discount on our most comprehensive course on float therapy, which will be released in April. 🫴 🎁

The in-depth course will cover:

✅ How to choose a quality float center  

✅ The different float tank manufacturers and what sets them apart (different float centers use different chambers, affecting the floating experience)  

✅ What to look for in a float center  

✅ How to prepare yourself physically and mentally before float therapy  

✅ Common mistakes people make during a float  

✅ Floating techniques and body positions 

✅ How to handle challenges if they arise during therapy from experiences

✅ And other benefits of floating, explained in detail

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